Improve your Vocabulary

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I woke up, gave some thought to the various expectations issuing forth from sundry directions – friends, acquaintances, my own head. Turned over, and went straight back to sleep.

This one needs photos. The other: a quick translation. A third: a testimonial. Another: revision on notes from a meeting. (Hello? Hand shoots up: my draft?). Another wonders when I’ll get around to – what was it again? Oh, English conversation for… no, free writing classes for the Desperately Bored and None Too Verbose To Begin With.

The day’s official agenda is clear of all outside obligations. Those days often prove the worst. There’s the phone to contend with. Pop-in visitors just wanting to say hi.  Food shopping in the rain. Library books to return (still haven’t found the Baskerville’s good ol’ Hound).  Housecleaning? You mean, the dog hair in drifts around the feet of chairs, tables and couch offends your sensibilities? As do the bags of dog food now filled with wallpaper? The dog, the very dog appears in need of yet another vigorous brushing (in the rain? not in the house, for sure). I could use a professional haircut to even out the hacking I do on the back of my head.

Et cetera.


I know one of the features was called Laughter is the Best Medicine. I’m not sure the other carried the title I’m using on this post, but that was the idea: the Reader’s Digest‘s contribution to improving minds and the general cultural level of the masses. I liked it well enough, but I liked the dictionary even better because it contained words never, ever found in the Reader’s Digest. The definitions left everything to the imagination. Dictionaries are wonderful that way.



Stay away from the bed and another snooze?

Stay away from the bed and another snooze.



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