Proceed from here as best you can – II

In Circus, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, photography, proto drafts, Theater, Visual artists on April 1, 2014 at 8:33 am

The planned exhibition was underfunded to such an extent, the photographers would incur a deficit. Its likely cancellation, due to a political change: almost welcome, no? No.

An annual book fair in another town, under close scrutiny by the new administration. Along with a few projects in which I’m involved. The less said the better, yes? Lay low, make no waves, yes?  No.

No point in antagonizing the powers-that-be? Which ones? Yesterday, I received curt nods from people whose political leanings I share. They took a blogpost about this evening’s puppet show as a personal slight. You know, a jibe masquerading as a piece of information. What lurks behind a smile? Behind a scowl? A silence? A thank you?

Not breaking news: shut up about your views, they’ll call you names. Speak out, they’ll call you names. The only real unknown: whether they’ll do it to your face or in your back. As for the pats on the back – ah, me. I’m glad I had the experience, back then. The one of people crossing the street to avoid me, the morning after a lost election.

However: when stepping out to perform in a public venue, do so in full knowledge you’ll get boos from the unlikeliest sources. Consider yourself lucky if you’re in a setting where the worst that can land on you is a rotten tomato.

The only question worth pondering, in story and out: where, when and how you make your waves. What you ignore. What you can’t afford to let slide.

Travelling on for Jesus? No way. But I love the song. And I love the whiny, green apple note in the McGarrigle sisters’ voices. Ergo, I shall listen to one of their versions, and move on from there.

A goodly day and  a goodly night to fitness buffs, couch potatoes, bed bugs and one-legged unicyclists across all of the universes.


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