The times

In Drafts, Hautvoir on March 30, 2014 at 8:17 am

The other face. You choose to stay – in your hometown, in an adopted one, in a temporary place that turns permanent. Your decision, no matter what reasons and explanations go with it. Your decision to stay or leave.

Coping. Doing as best you can. Sometimes, the best doesn’t amount to much – at least, not in other people’s estimation. You can add the negatives to your load or you can wander off into other territories – inner ones, that is. Denial? Yes. No one says you must walk to the road and take the threats and insults in the mug. No one says you must wring your hands and bewail the times. The times speak for themselves. What do you want to say about them? What would you rather leave to others?

I walk at a much slower gait, these days. When books and teaching materials make my satchel too heavy, I pull them along in my shopping cart. My personal writing: difficult to sustain. Whether in French or in English, a struggle.

But there was a clearing yesterday – an inner one. Open spaces of inner freedom. Whether they lead to anything worth sharing with others, I don’t know. But a sense of freedom is a precious commodity.


  1. Yes. Inner freedom.

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