In Artists, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Sanford Meisner on March 28, 2014 at 7:18 am

Because it’s among the most recent of our acquisitions, as a species? Maybe. At any rate, it’s one of the first traits to get lost in the shuffle, when physical exhaustion and/or emotional upheavals take center stage.

Sense of humor. Irony. Ability to laugh at one’s own foibles instead of scapegoating other people.

Walking the fine lines. Between caution and cowardice. Between self-assurance and bluster.

Rants. Inside and out. Emotional excess of the unpleasant varieties.

I couldn’t find the right music last night. Couldn’t find the right book nor the right words for my own writing. I slept. Woke. Angsted. Slept some more. In dreamtime, a friend sang on stage, all the while performing a complex series of hand claps. A kind of coded language. A kind of reassurance.

Facebook, Twitter, youTube, blogs, screens, phones. Useful, precious.Most useful, most precious of all: what the title implies. The knowledge you’re not alone even when you’re just a tad overwhelmed  by how tough the climb can get, at times,  even on level ground.

“Living truthfully in imaginary circumstances.” At least as demanding: living truthfully in real ones.


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