The not-so-distant sound of boots

In Animals, Artists, Circus, Drafts, Local projects, TV on March 26, 2014 at 7:31 am

Where to begin. With the trip to the supermarket? An unusual event for me. Someone drove me there for the purpose of replacing a printer that’s never worked. Still no replacement. Instead, among other eye-openers,  a twenty-minute wait in front of a wall filled with large screens. The same show appeared on all of them.

The superior power of television resides in the fact moving images capture your attention, no matter how inane, ugly, vulgar or plain stupid.In this case, the images were all four: two gentlemen of the pseudo-journalist variety sat at a table, voicing rehashed opinions not worth recording. They were surrounded by young women doing the current equivalent of pole dancing in a strip joint. I don’t own a TV, so I was struck by the fascination and the numbing effect of the moving images.


Among other occupations, I’m sorting through hundreds of photos of the local Street Festival. The difference between the passive TV viewing experience vs the public’s involvement in a live performance. Involvement. Hands on. You don’t like the show, you move over to the other venue. You follow a performance through winding streets. You step around a pile of horseshit. You laugh with folks you’ve never met before. And so on.

The sound of live people laughing? In a public place? Some folks don’t like that.


I’m not a French citizen. I can’t vote. People with the right to vote who don’t, astound me. Of course, voting requires getting off your ass, clicking off the TV and missing one more gyration in deep squat by several young women treated as if they were disposable paper hankies (the fact the young women see nothing wrong with that, not being the issue. They’ll learn, maybe).

At issue for now:  while the TV’s on, the sound of boots is just another sound effect, same as canned laughter or applause.


Story in the midst of all this? Struggling for air time.


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