Ah, the good old days

In Drafts, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, Theater, TV on March 25, 2014 at 7:55 am

This isn’t gearing up to be the most pleasant week on record around here. Not the worst week on record either, although by their general attitude, you’d think some folks long for worst-case scenarios. Something to do with frustration and unresolved inner conflicts. Something to do with the scapegoating syndrome. Something to do with the temptation to let others decide, leaving the passive one with full rights to complain. All governments are lousy. What the hell, let others decide, they’re all crooks anyway, etc.

Worst case scenarios. The unthinkable come to pass. Something like peering over the edge of a lake of boiling lava –  from the comfort and safety of your living room. The boiling lava’s on TV. Somebody else breathed the sulfurous fumes. You get nothing but the fascinating play of light and dark flickering across the screen.

All right. Where does this take me, writing-wise? Extremes feed on one another, one extreme serving as an excuse for excessive reactions from the counterpart. The middle road is a spongy breeding ground of obfuscation. In medio does not stat virtus.

Here. Now. Focus. Harder when people are shouting contradictory messages around you? Much harder. In The Tightrope, the film Simon Brook made of his father Peter conducting an acting class. The moment when three actors work off one another’s energy: one, encouraging the “tightrope walker” to proceed, the other shouting dire warnings of disaster ahead. The interplay, moment by moment by moment.

What happens in unpleasant times? How do the characters cope or disconnect?

Discomfort. How much. Of what kind. Handled in what way.


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