Scene 54 – Take 79: Character Walks to the Door

In Circus, Drafts, Film, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, Sanford Meisner on March 20, 2014 at 7:28 am

Sidney Pollack, is it? On the fifth tape of the seven-part series. Telling Dustin Hoffman something to the effect of: “forget the details for the moment, concentrate on the arc.” He makes a sweeping hand and arm movement to illustrate this. The ship starts here, and ends up there.


1st character – Let’s try that again. The year 1598.

2nd character- (significant pause) Calvin converts. Becomes a Catholic so he can… What’s wrong with my hair?

3rd character gestures toward her head.

1st character – She’s telling you hair was invented in the year 1598.

2nd character – No. I don’t believe it. You’re putting me on. I know! I know! Ravaillac became King of France.

3rd character almost squirms off the chair, wanting to give the correct answer.

1st character – No. Ravaillac killed the King in 1610. What happened in 1598?

(The entire scene lasts one hour with sidebars relating to the Massacre of Protestants by Catholics in the year 1572, and philosophical considerations about current world events.Characters  two and three are eleven years old, character one is sixty-seven.)


Do I pass on the rest of the day and the evening?


Back to Sidney Pollack. The hand and arm movement. The arc. Find the arc, Dustin. Discover why not a single fucking thing your character sets out to do, works out. Discover how that character makes his way from the armchair to the door.


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