Be careful what you write

In Contes d'Exil, Drafts, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects on February 25, 2014 at 6:43 am

People are free in their distribution of kisses around here. Still, I can put a time and place of first meeting on most of those who do the double distribution – left cheek, right. (Or right cheek, left? Hm. Never stopped to notice. Must.)

At any rate, this is a small town so I may have seen the woman before she approached me yesterday.Halting, enthusiastic French. Smiles, kisses me. From her charade of vigorous walking, her arms swinging as if on parade. From the fact she repeats toujours, toujours; points to her eyes and makes it known she lives near the new footbridge, I gather she sees me walking by on a regular basis. This business of toujours toujours marcher, followed by widened eyes and laughter gets a point across. Why the point earns me two kisses, I’ll have to ask her when her French is more fluent.

For now: more toujours toujours marcher, first, down to a meeting, then back up to another meeting, then down again to a luncheon meeting, then back up again to… to… a bit of writing maybe? phone calls, emails, etc. Then the Tuesday boys for the third chapter in their adventures out on the river.

In something I called Contes d’Exil, years ago, the main character takes off on an unlikely trek from Crimea to a point she describes as loin loin to the East – meaning, beyond Lake Baikal. She’s found her name. She calls herself Celle-qui-marche.

Had I known, I would have supplied her with an additional vehicle besides her own two legs.

Hence, the title to this post.


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