Startled babies

In Dante Alighieri, Drafts, Games, Hautvoir, Sanford Meisner on February 17, 2014 at 7:41 am

So easy. Surprise someone. You know, the good old “Boo!”. Loads of fun watching the startled person lose his or her composure. Ha-ha. Joke. Surprise. What’s wrong? A joke, I said. Don’t you have a sense of humor? An old pal. Hey, your long lost brother, what more do you want, kid? True love served up on a platter? The stars bending down in blessing? Like, the Love That Moves the Sun and the Stars, maybe? A bit of Dante, for ya? Come on, give us a smile.

So. Monday morning. Pick my inner startled baby off the floor. Kilometers to go before I sleep again. Emoting on hold, please. You’re the grown-up now.

A large – immense – track of land. At least three lions walked the property. So did an elephant you were best not to look in the eye. A female lioness came up for a sniff. She didn’t like the sound of boo either. Turned around and headed off again.

Dreams. All the places where things live on, ready to spring out at you. Just to see how  you’ll react, this time.


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