Narrative breaks

In Current reading, Drafts, Film, Food, Hautvoir, Music on February 16, 2014 at 9:10 am

If I look at the scribbled notes next to my computer, I realize the characters have provided tons of information about their backgrounds, personal and family secrets. Plus, in real life, I’m privy to information I didn’t seek out. Yesterday, for instance, was the kind of day when people stop me on the street to unburden their weary, troubled mind. Thank you, thank you for your trust, and may all  your Christmasses be white from hereon, if you’ll excuse me now, if you’ll exc… I see, no, that couldn’t be fun. Hm, a struggle, for sure. etc.

Plus, of course, the unexpected boon of a lesson in the use of a pendulum to determine a stone’s vibrational field. This last, something of the extra bonus prize thrown into the box of Cracker Jacks. There’s a lady in the current draft who would use this kind of instrument and knowledge in her dealings with the world. I didn’t think to ask about all of the odder nooks in which believers cram plaster statues of saints charged with specific virtues. Nor did I inquire as to why bathing a mineral in salt water clears it of negative charges. I was more intent on marveling at the secret beauty locked inside geodes or deep inside caverns never touched by human eyes.

Plus, I regretted not reading all about La Bande à Mina in a nineteen twelve edition of L’Echo du Dadou.

Must read some Simenon again. This notion via a Paris Review interview of John Banville. Plus excerpts of Nadezhda Mandelstam’s caustic dead-on memoirs on everything and everyone she knew in her less-than easy life. Plus silly stuff like animated cartoons, more than likely.

Narrative breaks. Scene cuts. What did you just say? Let’s see, where was I…

Sidebar: in all these gushing confessions yesterday, someone told me a merchant I favor at the outdoor market keeps her informed on all the items I purchase from him. A running commentary on my eating and drinking preferences. Why? I have no idea.


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