Now, go forth and attempt something of the kind

In Animals, Current reading, Dance, Drafts, Hautvoir, Music, Radio, Theater on February 11, 2014 at 8:09 am

One story line calls for a change in scene order; another doesn’t. The kind of thing that gives pause to a writer. Another read from the top, in search of the unopened seeds that may have sprouted since the last read-through.

First, some coffee.


The old multilith printing press. Down the hill from where I lived. The memory cropping up because of a dancer looking up another dancer’s website on my computer. His dance company located further up on the same street in Montreal. The dancer wants to explore other places for her project combining land and dance. Feels a need for a better command of English (how this relates to the land search, I don’t know but that’s all right). Perhaps Mongolia, she says. Or Northern Canada.

I don’t know about Mongolia, I tell her. I can tell you Northern Canada in summer will inspire rapid arm and hand movements as the dancer slaps away the biting, stinging insects out for their pre or post-nuptial snack. Her English is much better than she gives herself credit for. I suggest she listen to various accents via online radio from English-speaking countries.


Return, after she leaves, to more gruesome associations between vocabulary and mayhem. The way humans rationalize killing other members of their species by giving them names and attributes associated with vermin. There’s a trial on in France at the moment, relative to one of the more recent genocides during which clerics and mercenaries found common ground and imagery to justify their “cleansing”. Odd, isn’t it, that most of the perpetrators dis-remember so much when the times aren’t receptive to their radio broadcasts or shows, or youtube offerings.

Zimbabwe next, for the writer. Why someone went there. Maybe the information will affect scene order. Maybe not.


Reading Othello, all these years later? Fascinating for reasons other than the basic need-to-know that rules a first reading of anything. The language. The interplays. The directness too, apparent in most of Shakespeare’s plays. Here, the players. Here, my topic. Here, the actions that result.


Music as a category for this post? Yes. Bach, in fact. An essential lifeline, if I’m going to tackle Zimbabwe.


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