For now, I’ll call it background

In Drafts, Local projects, Music on February 6, 2014 at 6:56 am

Starting another busy day, after listening to Na Sopkah Manzhurii swirl through my head for hours? Not the most auspicious beginnings to a relaxed me taking on ego from the ego-less place, à la Zen master. (How’s that for a koan, right there? What does ego-less in the land of ego look like? A walking egg without a shell?)

The setting on my computer shows the little French flag. Meaning text should come out set to French typographical standards. Not so, I discover, when I’m typing out materials in French. The default setting is English. Where a French word takes an a (correspondance), default switches it to correspondence. The French dont becomes  don’t. Ergo: the need to read, re-read, type and re-type submissions in French.

In front of his mother, the boy explained to me Arabic is written from right to left, why? Because Allah loves the righteous. Interesting, said I. Hebrew goes right to left, too. Some Oriental scripts go top to bottom. Who knows? maybe some cultures liked to write on a diagonal or in a tic-tac-to type of arrangement. We tried the various combos. After which, the mother cried on my shoulder. Explained the boy was anxious, couldn’t leave her out of his sight. Daddy has gone back to Morocco – he may or may not come back, who knows.

This, relative to my fiction writing? Context, sub-text, background; I’ll find out as the writing proceeds.


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