Space and time – stop, look, listen

In Hautvoir, Local projects, Maison du Pré Millet, proto drafts on January 30, 2014 at 6:29 am

A ninety-year old woman, happy to play around with real life memories, and tweak them. For the fun of another jaunt down memory lane, with different outcomes. Easy enough to play along with her, for the fun she’ll get out of this different take on  what could have been.

The next exercise: much trickier. Shreds of memories – all of them sad. Something like disheveled clouds drifting above a woman’s terrible fear of the dark night falling on her. She writes down everything, so as not to forget. Forgets she forgot a few minutes ago, and writes it down again. How to make something of the drifting clouds.

The exercise: something like a combination of ghost writing and interpreting. Closer to interpreting i.e. quasi simultaneous translation of a person’s words  into another language. Quasi, to allow for appropriate choices and, whenever possible, the avoidance of words with different connotations once they cross the linguistic barrier.

Then, once you’ve dealt with other people’s words and other people’s attempts at saying what matters to them: making your way back to your own words, and your own attempts at discovering how best to combine them to discover something else. Something other than what you’ve said all along, or believed all along, or conveyed in the same old way, until it sounds as trite and boring as an old political pamphlet.


Small surprises in my living space: the discovery of two doors leading to other places. One in the night table near my bed. The other in the storage space/catch all where I keep the washing machine, the ventilator (in winter) and the space heater (in summer).


The mood at the school in Gaillac, this morning. What will it be? Explosive enough, last week. With the staff changes since then? Looking forward? Yes. Rushing forward? No.



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