A Fitting Intermission

In Current reading, Drafts, Film, Hautvoir on January 29, 2014 at 9:16 am

You can admire someone’s writing to the point of setting aside pressing needs for fundamentals such as sleep. You can read the testimonials – ranging from People Magazine to Margaret Atwood, before moving on to four more pages of same culled from The New York Times, The New Yorker, Publisher’s Weekly, etc.

Then, you return to your own life and the demands it puts on your time. At yesterday’s Mardi Documentaire evening,  physical exhaustion and unbalance caused by the eardrum issue caught up with me. While people ate and talked, I went back into the viewing room during the intermission. As irony would have it, a spiritual looped on the sound system, over and over again. Male and female voices reiterating their leaving all trials and troubles behind, sailing off with Jesus to captain their ship over to Zion. As a closing gesture on Toni Morrison’s Beloved? I couldn’t have dreamed up a better one – save for a dream image where my flippant side showed up to remind me where my talents and stories lie. Whatever trials and travails I may have experienced, witnessed or recorded from other people’s lives, they don’t have much in common with books saluted as Masterpiece… Magnificent … Astounding… Overpowering! (Newsweek).

In fact, the only thing ever published under my own name has me standing in a washroom at Atlanta Airport while a black girl admires her towering masterpiece of raspberry colored hair, and turns a bit weird on me when I offer her a spritz of the perfume I’m applying in tiny, delicious bits. “French perfoooooom?” she said. Grabbed the bottle and sprayed it on her masterpiece like there was no tomorrow and no bottom to the vial of Un jardin en Méditerranée. After which she proceeded on to her job of cleaning the stalls and the wash basins, and I headed back out, on my way to Terminal E, D or F, I disremember which.

Allez ? Allez.

  1. That was my experience with Beloved, too. After numerous false starts over several years where I just couldn’t read past the beginning, I read through the night and was astonished that a book could move me to that unprecedented degree. I’ve found your blog again and have been reading along quietly for a little while.

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