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In Hautvoir, Local projects on January 27, 2014 at 7:40 am

Brief – must be at a local school in an hour. The head churned until two thirty am;  the rest of the day will be handled through the remarkable strength of my thumbs.

While I fried up accras de morue in a communal kitchen last night, a twelve-year informant who calls the place one of his homes told me the principal of his school mentioned my name while standing in the stairs with a well-dressed man. (My informant’s notion of well-dressed man? Dress armor consisting of dark suit, white shirt and tie). The exchange he overhead:  the budget was to include a participation by Madame Bourges (how do you do.) I gather this must relate to the surge of enthusiasm (or so reported) at the possibility of producing another copy of the school newspaper under my able guidance.



(a paragraph in invisible ink, just above; or a literary device indicating the passage of time. I now have fifty-five minutes during which to do all things that must be done before setting out in the heavy dew aka rain once for the dog and a second time for the me loaded down with files.)

No time for the visions flitting through my mind. Oh, come on: at least a passing mention of the prof at Concordia U, boarding the bus in his bee costume. The eye couldn’t decide where to settle. The antennae? The briefcase? The too-sheer black tights? The dress shoes. The black-rimmed glasses. The serious mien. I’ve always regretted not attending his Physics 101 lecture, that day.

allez hop.

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