Curtain ?

In Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects on January 25, 2014 at 8:00 am

I have to give it more thought. The temptation’s there. A walk around the block may clear my head . The rain’s still coming down, but not in pelts and halberds (the French hallebarde has more panache but who’s to argue with national usage?).

Lead us not into temptation, the prayer says. What a joke. Assuming there is such a thing as a personal God, where would he get his fun through the eons of his eternity, if not by playing with his toys? The stars and other celestial bodies hold their charms. But all those critters, both great and small. Add a twig. Remove it. Topple a tower. Build a dam. Watch them fare. Laugh or go tsk-tsk.  And so on.

Therein lies the chief advantage to believing in a personal God: you can rant, you can rave,  you can beg, plead and wallow. He’ll always be there for you in his immense and benign amusement. In fact, I keep a version of the personal God handy for just such occasions. The parent for whom the little kid stages his four o’clock meltdown in the Mall. No point to a meltdown if there’s no one around for it. Just watch a little kid in total hysterics. Wave something intriguing before his eyes. Hop. The tap’s turned off. What’s that. Interesting? If it’s not interesting enough, the little kid turns the tap back on and picks up in mid-tantrum, no problem.

Depending on the depths of my personal despondency, I give my personal God different names. This morning, I’ll call Him Peter Pan.

Temptation. Ah, yes. The community blog. Stop? Continue? I’m losing interest, that much is clear.

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