For Our Next Project …

In Animals, Drafts, Local projects, Revision, Story material on January 22, 2014 at 6:38 am

Incongruities. Another. Add one more. More. Keep going.

I woke up, almost floating away on a sea of them. Floating, not sinking. Huge difference. The dreams, filled with moving day imagery (moving day was a regular occurrence in my younger and mid-years; all right, a regular occurrence for most of my life). What adds to the floating on a sea of absurdity feeling: all the rest. The meetings. The requests for write-ups on what my workshops are about. What people write. What I write. Etc.

My Tuesday afternoon buddies. Everyone should get the benefit, at least once in a lifetime, of being admired to bits by two nine-year old boys. We’ve completed one of the first projects. Title: Travaux Publics (Public Works). Unwritten subtitle: Ode to a father by his son. Our next project: much more ambitious than a six-page booklet made up of folded sheets of paper. Based on a story book by Reinhard Michel, their version of Un Jour sur la Rivière  will feature the two of them, yours truly, a cat named Florian and a dog named… I forget, they’ll remind me. All five, out for a day on the river that runs through this town.

The hour I spend with them every week reminds me of days way back when I played “school” or “grocery store”, either with live friends or imaginary ones.

The characters in the draft, finding nooks and crannies during meetings and workshops, to throw bits of information my way. Oh, so that’s what happened back then. Somewhere between grabbing a sandwich, imagining story lines out of a hodge podge of photos and bits of writing, and pondering with others how best to deal with disastrous malfunctions in some children’s lives: I move around the scenes, and re-arrange imaginary furniture in imaginary lives.

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