Monday Morning Hand jive

In Animals, Current reading, Drafts, Local projects, Revision on January 20, 2014 at 8:24 am

Starting from that dumb beast place. A dumb beast that would have eyes set in such a way it would see the endless expanse ahead, and know the first pull at the loaded wagon would be the worst part of it. Not because the rest would be fun. Because afterwards, the dumb beast would settle into the gait. Lower the head. Pull, and not question why.

The price to pay for a decent Sunday off, I guess. Meaning, one where I could read, write, and put off emails until tomorrow. Now? It’s tomorrow.


Read Toni Morrison’s a mercy over the weekend. Dealt with the cold eyes of a local woman at the market. The coldness, a relief. Her mask, off. In some cases, it’s good to know someone doesn’t like you.

Sex, politics, religion. Money. Power. Recognition. “Sir, I exist!” (page 91, the one that sticks right now of the Borzoi hard-cover edition of Morrison. What Job wanted. What a female Job would settle for.)

Morning thoughts, uncheerful. The day is young. If nothing else, impatience and frustration should lead straight back to laughter of the absurdist kind.


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