The day after the former, late dawn veering to early morning

In Drafts, Local projects, Maison du Pré Millet, Poetry on January 13, 2014 at 5:38 am

The exercise involves twelve students (approximate age : seventeen), their French teacher and the librarian at the local technical college. Two hours this morning, plus two one-hour sessions during the week. I’ve never met the students; the teacher, once and the librarian, twice. I have a plan; people like to know you have one. How things play out being another – unpredictable – matter.

The person with whom I’m running another workshop loved the small parcels pulled together by some of the students. It gave him an idea for structuring the layout of the album we must produce out of the students’ photos and texts. The challenges in that exercise include whatever results he’ll get tomorrow from a recent biopsy.

Plus, another workshop tomorrow, with adults; the presence of one of them, iffy, depending on her general sense of clarity or befuddlement.

I took a photo of the small parcels, last night, outrageous spelling mistakes and all. Like found i.e. accidental art, some of those mistakes are so funny, they raise the whole thing to the level of a koan. Moments of zen abound. How blessed can I get.

Up at five thirty am means I’ll be crawling on my knees by seven tonight. Let’s take this five minutes at a time, characters. I know you’re feeling huffy about all that attention I’m putting on real  people, dammit, when all of you have so much at stake. All of you? One hundred percent sure of that? Every single one of you so stoked you can’t stand shuffling in the sideline a second longer? Yes? No?

Guess I have time for a bowl of coffee.


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