Late, Late, Such a Very Important Date*

In Drafts, Local projects on January 10, 2014 at 6:56 am

The less thought the better, right now. The days, like expeditions out to unknown seas. For me to sleep a full nine hours without budging means the body’s giving all it can, and then some. Two moments from the night: one in dreamtime when story came visiting, swooping down like a parent making a small child laugh. Reassuring: story isn’t far away, even if the draft has to wait on days like yesterday. Second moment: the utter bliss of waking early enough to  pretend I’m lazing in bed. Time stretching out like a blessed infinity, somewhere between 5:15 and 6 am.

From now until 8:15? The less thought the better still applies. And so on, through the day. The trick when there’s not enough to do: inventing constraints. The trick when there’s too many appointments and commitments: getting the mind to shut up. I know I have twenty zillion things to do between now and bedtime tonight. A given. Now, to discover what I don’t know about the day or  the blessed moment when the draft

ah maybe the blessed moment is right now

* huff, huff, gasp, gulp (that hill keeps getting steeper, dammit!)


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