Jaw-dropping Moments

In Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, notes on January 9, 2014 at 6:56 am

One of those tiny moments. Something like a seed that may sprout into something bigger. Something that prompts the mind to imagine and the fingers to write. During an  early-evening meeting yesterday; convened to finalize a calendar of events for the yearly Femmes de Mars event. One participant mentions the towering shape at the center of the new footbridge. Most people compare it to some phallic statement by the architect. No, the woman says, it reminds me of a sewing needle. Of the sound of stitching machines. The women doing piece work at home on the town’s famed leather goods. Walking the streets now must be a strange experience for someone born here during the heydays.

Plus, meeting a local musician, now retired, who taught music at the Conservatory. Her two instruments: the saxophone and the bassoon.

The day won’t lend itself to exploring much of the imagery and words suggested by either one of these snippets.

Back to the first, and another tiny moment: one of the nine-year olds on Tuesday. Discovering extraordinary facts about How Things Work. Also featuring a sewing needle, for the stitching of books and – really? – the clothes he wears. The look on his face provides the title to this post. I could almost hear the popping and fizzing of the brain acceleration taking place when we looked at the tiny stitches holding together the cuff and the sleeve of his jogging sweater. (The brain revolution aided and abetted by a book called Comment ça Marche by one David Macaulay.)


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