Et Cetera

In Animals, Current reading, Drafts, Local projects, Music on January 8, 2014 at 8:33 am

True, problems abound, great and small. Two colleagues with serious health issues, yet more upheavals on the job front, humongous blocks of time devoted to getting projects off the ground or at least, waving an uplifted finger as a vital sign. Not to mention couples in flux, in transit, in holding patterns, in break-ups, in botched or successful repair.

When I got back from choir practice around midnight, I repaired to bed with a book. This is news? No. However. The book is part of the trove I acquired when the local médiathèque held a sale of archived material. The book is called L’affaire du livre à taches (The Stained Book Affair) written by one Paul Cox as one of the adventures of Archibald the Koala on the island of Rastepappe.  You see, I have a character pondering the origins of black stains on a carpet. Whether the stains will reappear in the story or get chucked out as a useless distraction, they intrigue the writer even more than they do the character.  Plus, L’affaire du livre à taches was the ideal wind-down after an active day. I like this book. I scribble in it. While I do so, I let my mind off the leash to roam at will.

Voilà. In real life: will I learn to navigate the Photoshop environment on my own today? Will I get the damn newsletter done and distributed? Will I figure out why youTube isn’t posting on my blogs? Will I ever find out where the emailed photos went that never reached my friends? Will some of the benefits from last night’s vigorous pre-singing massage last through the morning? (You trained as masseur to the Bulgarian  weight-lifters, didn’t you? I said. East German, he replied. Amazing the strength thumbs can develop from regular practice of the guitar.)


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