Plus, a note scribbled into a book

In Current reading, Drafts, I Ching, Local projects, Music on January 7, 2014 at 8:01 am


Yesterday, framed by two phone calls. I may no longer cast three coins as the first ritual to the morning. Still. Book of Changes is a damn good title for  the I Ching. If memory serves, I’d called one of my first ventures out in blogland Lee’s River with a subtitle referring to a patched inner tube as my conveyance down the stream. Sometimes, you paddle when the river gets lazy. Sometimes, the adrenaline holds you through the contest between you and the white water rapids. On occasion, you hit a lazing-round-the-bend kind of place. Pull up and go foraging for a picnic? Sure, perfect spot.

Inspired by my daughter’s reading list, I’ve started ticking off titles on a wish list of my own – this, as an antidote to severe angsting over imponderables. Two titles with special appeal this morning, as I head into this day on the river: Douglas Adams’ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (mainly for the friendly advice on Arthur’s guidebook: DON’T PANIC). Plus something called Structures: or Why Things Don’t Fall Down by J.E. Gordon – this, 1) on the assumption the book offers precious clues to why things do, and 2) for the cheerful feeling you get when they don’t.

Music? Useful. Including the right length of the silences between the  notes. Web-like structures, yes? Yes.

Ah. The scribbled note. Connects two search terms with a third. First search term: expectations. Scribbled in: disappointment as in: you bake a special treat for a friend. The person says: I can’t stand cream cheese on carrot cake. Leading to the second search term: frustration, and all that ensues from there.


Damn. No idea why youtube won’t post here. A crucial element. I’ll figure it out, along with the other glitches on the new computer.


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