Two pics, no resolutions

In Animals, Drafts, photography, Radio on January 2, 2014 at 7:45 am

Nice to savor while it lasts: time in which to organize upcoming activities. Time to let the characters emote as they deem they must. When the conflicting demands start landing all at once, the characters  tend to serve as stand-ins for the day’s exasperations, great and small. They all start to sound notes ranging from peevish to whiny. In other words, they produce the effect of an exasperated selfie: peevish me in green, whiny me in dusky mauve, put-upon me in shades of brown, and so on.

The advantage to unscheduled time: catching those places. At which point I get annoyed to exasperated with the characters – a good sign. I push them a bit further? Why not? Let’s see what happens if the woman who can’t hold her temper meets… hm… a runaway horse? Metaphorical, of course.

The anxiety factor: only a sidestep away. Always? Almost always. Except when the runaway horse is too busy running to notice he’s barrelling due north up  a south-bound  four-lane highway. Then? I don’t know. The horse is busy running.

The pics? A selfie done in space by an astronaut (on Astronomy Picture of the Day). In my brand new 2014 desk agenda: a drawing done in 1941 by one Eric Ravilious. Title: Commander of a Submarine Looking through a Periscope. 

The agenda doesn’t have neat one-hour markers for appointments.  Meaning: I should make fewer appointments 2014 or I should use a tighter script for note taking?

The Radio category, requested on this post by a character. Radio, radio, let’s see… How about gramophone instead?

No, radio.

No; gramophone.

No, I said


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