And writing, while the clock ticks

In Animals, Drafts, Local projects, Sanford Meisner on December 17, 2013 at 7:55 am

Dear Anon (for, by definition, search terms are anonymous communications):

4.) “, you write. “according to Meisner, what is ‘worth more than a pound of words?’

Assuming you’ve read Meisner, I assume you know the answer.

I could add a few others, all relating to time i.e. what you do with your  own, what I do with mine. Communication is an odd business, made even odder by answers to anonymous sources.


Meetings starting at 9 am and running through till lunchtime. A trek back up the hill. Some time for writing of my own, maybe, if there aren’t too many phone or email messages. Then, kiddies at 3:30 followed by another meeting. Getting anonymous pinches in the in-between times? Not even close to useful.

I don’t blog for the purpose of listing the full range of annoyances and grievances a day can provide, so I don’t. I blog to prime the pump before dealing with 1)whatever the day throws my way: 2) whatever I manage to make of my experiences to produce fictional characters with lives of their own.

Getting the fictional lives to prove interesting, engaging, worth writing, and worth passing on to others: more than a challenge.

It’s now moving toward 8 am. A dog to walk. A day to live. A draft to move along, as best I can.

To you, dear anon, I wish a day filled with words that count, experiences that challenge, and  friends that keep on proving your allies, day after day after day.



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