Serious slows me to a full stop *

In Animals, Collage, Current reading, Drafts, Film, Local projects, Music on December 16, 2013 at 7:55 am

I was off for a look-see at an article I missed on the Nouvel Obs. It’s gone now, replaced by something I’ll foist on anyone and everyone  who’ll pay attention: the website is called texteimageIf personal and/or professional interests make French, art, art history, poetry, and world literature topics you like to explore in fun ways, dig in.

The article I wanted to read was about laughter. What provokes it. Contradiction, said the title. Paradox might be closer to the truth, but let’s say contradiction for the sake of the discussion. The paradox kicks in at the notion the same contradiction can make you laugh, or cry, or start a war that lasts ten  years and leads to the writing of The Illiad, or World Wars calling for endless commemorations. For instance.

The article was also supposed to enlighten me on the fact men and women don’t always laugh at the same things. In fact, as most of us discover “I don’t see what’s so funny about …” may be the universal trope exchanged in brotherhoods and sisterhoods world-wide, since the beginning of human congregations of like-gendered humans.

So. Why the lighter-than-light little laughing jig on one occasion and a tear-soaked disaster the next over the same combination of facts? Endorphins? Yes, of course, but what triggers endorphins today vs scowls, growls and nervous fits yesterday or tomorrow? Eh. Not so simple.

However. One thing I know (I’m experiencing it right this minute): too much thinking breeds self-consciousness which leads to pomposity. It’s time to pull out the scissors and a pile of old magazines, time to write two-fisted messages in crayon. After the slow-mo kiddies this afternoon, a kiddie movie tonight at six?  Good idea.


* or revs me to manic speed out of self-preservation. Paradox, all the time.


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