Of vital importance

In Drafts, Local projects, Music on December 14, 2013 at 8:03 am

Comes a point when you stop trying.

You stop trying because, no matter what you do or say, nothing happens. Or the person feels more aggrieved, more misunderstood, less willing to open up. The pain and frustration involved: huge. Even those become reasons to stop trying. How are you going to make something better by adding on yet more frustration?

With some of the kids, the connection happens right off. With others, no matter how much I like them, everything in their behavior tells me I’m not getting it, whatever the it may be.

Some stories are like that, too. Except for one vital difference: at some point, the story cracks open. You tear it down, re-organize the pieces, find another way to put it together. Or you drop it if it insists on playing dead, and start over with another approach, different characters.

Politicking has started in this town. Public figures  you haven’t seen in months, cropping up in unlikely settings. Taking keen interest in arts and crafts you try to visualize in their living space, to no avail. Posters appearing in shop windows or spray painted on walls. Colors and coded meanings to the simplest words. You like the blue poster means you like the political party associated with it? You like the pink message? Hm, what does that say about you?

Of vital importance? A certain lightness of touch. A certain acceptance of imperfection. Being there when the smile flowers of its own accord.

Allez. Maybe the day when the story accepts to crack open. Maybe not.


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