“Suivez le guide”

In Animals, Circus, Drafts, Local projects, photography, Visual artists on December 13, 2013 at 8:14 am

A pity nobody bothered publicizing the event better. The giant bunny appeared, then disappeared faster than pink elephants after a bender. For the benefit of future generations (should blogs live on in the future), a photo of the giant bunny :


A few clicks, and I discover he tops a structure known as MuMo (Musée mobile) dedicated to art for children (website here). Some children were inside when I walked by, so I guess someone got the message. In which case, all’s well.

With some luck, some footwork and some funding, I may have something to offer to the former students from my French language classes. I meet several of them on Thursdays when I cross the footbridge. No more classes for us, they ask. We improvise brief sessions; they head off one way, I head off the other. Perhaps, maybe-but-let’s-not-get-excited-yet: I may be able to suggest they join me at the library in the new year. Not during official opening hours – at least, not at first. During one of the mornings when the place is open for staff only. We could walk around, stop in the different sections, we could find a table and read a bit, we could discover books or magazines they might want to borrow for themselves or for their grandchildren. It may happen. It may not. But everything is like that anyway.

Strange and unlikely views of Switzerland, in dreamtime. I think the oddities had to do with the out-of-focus or cut-off shots I viewed yesterday morning; plus the fact there were problems in getting the classroom projector and screen in proper adjustment. In the dream, this translated as a stone ledge or transom bissecting the view. I had to keep on stooping or stretching to take in the magnificent geological display and the close-ups on the cliff-hanging villages. Prior to that I had to swim my way through a sea of tears Alice could have claimed as her private ocean. My arms were growing into floppy oars when I woke up. Who knows? Had the dog not asked for the door and forced me out of dreamland, I might have morphed into a six-hundred pound sea turtle. Imagine my surprise then, on awakening.


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