Time and what you do with it

In Animals, Drafts, Local projects on December 12, 2013 at 6:15 am

Racing the clock. Taking a sackful of impatience and shoving it aside. With some luck, it won’t erupt against some poor unsuspecting sod.

Leaving at eight for a first meeting with seven teenagers in a remedial program. How we’ll work together, what we’ll achieve: no idea. Then, back for the Thursday afternoon children in this town.

Not pleased with the addition I tacked on to the writing last night. Not pleased with the no-time to read through, no time to muddle, no time to hear the voices, clear and sharp. Tired of interruptions, tired of cleverness. Some day – or maybe never – I’ll sit in the same room with people I’ve meant to see for a long time. I’ll look in their eyes, they’ll look in mine. Maybe then, the put-ons and the cleverness will stop? Maybe.

The dog. Prep for the day. The day. At the end of it, with any luck and energy left, some decent writing.


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