“Good Taste is a Life-Sucking Ghoul”

In Drafts, Hautvoir, Sanford Meisner, Wine on December 9, 2013 at 7:50 am

Typecasting. Combined with algorithms? The kind that decide you like such-and-such since you pressed on this or that search term? They can do you in with the same silent force as an undertow or a rip tide. Ever try freeing yourself from either one? If the answer is yes, you know the meaning of the word struggle.

The performance last night. Not your average wine-tasting, although the audience received a sip of each of the six wines featured by the performer.  Last night, it was just what the doctor should order for anyone at risk of suffocation through typecasting. In fact, a local sound technician who’s a few days away from open heart surgery laughed his way through large sections of the performance and looked much less grey in the face, at the end of the evening.

The title, above this post? Words I wrote in multi-colored felt point inside a book I carried with me to Switzerland on a business trip. The words were inspired by a personal exercise in identifying the countless ways in which I reined in various impulses. Inside the armoire of my well-appointed hotel room, I stuck a large sheet of paper on which I recorded the various means by which my personal Good Taste Cop kept me in line. We’ve been locked in battle for eons. Some people must cope with addictions such as morphine. I battle the sound of the long thin wooden pointer the nuns rapped against the blackboard when our busy minds strayed in search of escape  hatches.

What does this have to do with story? Everything, and may the Force be with me. (An encouraging sign: in dreamtime, instead of lining up with the others to fill my jug of water, I lay back my head and drank straight from the spout. There’s hope for me yet, Lord, appearances notwithstanding.)



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