Do I have any idea what I’m doing?

In Animals, Artists, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects on December 7, 2013 at 7:21 am

Why one knee’s acting up this morning, c’est comme ça. 

Between now and nine-ish: take the dog out for a walk. Load up the shopping cart with books and victuals. Cross the footbridge. Turn on space heaters. Make tea and coffee. Set out books. Around ten, discover how many people show up (never met any of them). Discover what they want to do about short stories begun or shimmering in golden splendor i.e. in the unwritten phase. Try my own hand at writing a short story in French – something I haven’t done for a good while.

For the time being, the French short story consists of a few words and the photo of a local donkey by the full name of Renoir. Seen here on his way back to pasture in the hills :


Voilà. The rest of the program will take care of itself, one way  or another.

To the question put to myself in the title, I answer: often enough not to lose faith in the process. On the whole, though, I simply proceed as if I knew, and don’t go out mountain trekking in the middle of the night (given the bum knee, I let characters do that in my stead.)

Allez hop.


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