The poodle and the minefield

In Animals, Drafts, Film, Hautvoir, Local projects, Sanford Meisner, Story material, Theater on December 4, 2013 at 8:33 am

Will I see Paris again, some day? Lisbon, Barcelona, Berlin? Will I set foot on North American soil again? No idea. These days, criss-crossing this small town or getting to a neighboring one are big deals. Distance travelled has more to do with connecting dots on a complex grid so that some meaningful patterns emerge from the cloud of moving particles. Meanwhile,  people I know hop back and forth across Europe or even as far afield as Korea. I try to make sense out of the piles of paper on every available surface of my work space.

Story jumps back and forth from one character to another – forward to one, a few months or several years earlier for another. What ties them together now or later? Or what brought them into close and meaningful contact before?

A few oblique references to London spotted over the past few days. Neurotransmitters set the mecanism in motion: memory fragments surface relative to brief periods spent there over the years.

Long bouts of silence from some. You give a brief jab or poke or a nudge on the elbow. Hello? Anybody there? Wild bursts of sound and energy from others.

The title refers to a True Incident. How that incident will morph into a meaningful piece of fiction started to take shape during yesterday’s meandering from one side of the local river to the other. For metaphorical purposes, let us call the meandering river the warp (W) and the meandering person the shuttle laying out the loose thread. I was never much of a weaver or of a seamstress, so I’ll settle for a metaphor as deficient as my sewing skills.

Onward to December 4th 2013


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