Same with people, same with books

In Animals, Circus, Contes d'Exil, Drafts, Film, Music, Poetry, Sanford Meisner, Theater on December 1, 2013 at 9:02 am

“Smashing car windows with your foot. Takes focused energy,” she says.  “I smashed both of mine.”

The massage session continues. She laughs. “I landed my slaps perfectly too. Height, maybe. Helps. You have to hit the sweet spot for good sound. Plus, you don’t want to catch the ear or the temple.” She laughs some more.

She’s looking great. So would  you if you were a six-foot tall trapeze artist, firestick juggler, singer and mother of two little ones, taking classes in stunt acting – racing across car tops, rappelling on a cliff with your belt clipped on wrong. And bitch-slapping for the sweet spot, of course.

It’s been a slow trimester for the choir group. The group leader has been on the road, closing out the old show and introducing the new one. Lots of unexpected venues cropping up for the new production based on Chabouté’s Tout seul.* Book fairs, gatherings of comic strip illustrators and their fans – a different world; a new adventure.

The magical moment yesterday morning: a first reading through of Na Sopkah Manchzhurii. The melodic line to this Russian song makes it one of the most unforgettable waltzes ever written. We garbled every line but kept time and soared along, carried by the melody.

Some music, you can hear over and over again as the years roll by, and discover something new in it, every time.

* They’re called bandes dessinées in French (or BD for short), comic strips in English. Much looking forward to the puppet theater version played by the principals of Théâtre du Rugissant and their two children.


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