A Merry Band of One

In Animals, Circus, Current reading, Drafts, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music on November 28, 2013 at 7:35 am

New York is far away, and getting further.

Walking in the Theater District with friends and acquaintances passing themselves off as same. A steakhouse dinner with portions large enough to feed a family of six. Had to wonder how many tons of food got trashed. The prick of discomfort not adding up to a jolt, by any means. Brits, Americans, Swedes, and others. Labor union types, the labor being of the artistic variety.

A long time ago. Even the pace, rythms and lilts of the pitches on the book houses tell me I don’t speak the vernacular any more.

The funny part: I don’t speak the vernacular over here either. In both cases, the disconnects  occur at a level having to do with perception of what matters.

The song running through my head as I made tea in my icebox kitchen. Mawkish is as mawkish does. Factual isn’t mawkish. The song? They’re playing songs of love, but not for me. You see the potential for self-pity; except that’s not how it was playing in my  head.

These days, most of the people I know well live in semi-converted tannery buildings or – as I do – in past-splendor homes with minimal heating. Floor to ceiling, unsealed, single-glazed French windows on the North face of the building. High ceilings. Winter turns the place into something like an indoor camping expedition; same as summer calls for air-flow management to keep myself, the dog and the computer from overheating.

By some stroke of reverse logic, the more my expectations diminish, the greater the humorous potential grows.

Although I may be the only one to get the joke.


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