Why fiction?

In Circus, Drafts, Hautvoir on November 27, 2013 at 7:45 am

Easy answer: as an escape.

Who needs to escape? Everybody. Why films, video games, drugs, holidays? Why time away from even the work or the people you like? Because the world’s a bigger place than a regular day can accommodate. Same holds true for all that goes on inside your head.

I woke up several times in the night. Each time, I was in a different internal landscape. Different mood, different outlook, different way of experiencing a past event or an anticipated one.

Escape? Well and good. Congratulations, you are free to go wherever you want. Ten to one, you’ll head straight back to the place you came from or to its closest approximation. Ten to one you’ll beat  yourself over the head for that – what’s wrong with me, why can’t I make a better use of my freedom, my unexplored higher realms and nether regions. Should I see a doctor, should I take up kung-fu or easy-does-it water exercises for the elderly? Who am I, what am I, to the wherefore of the whatever are we blithering idiots off to – etc.

On the last stop of the night merry-go-round, I was back at the entrance. The easy part. What easy part? Once you realize you are part of the universal joke, you do what every clown must do: use your own backlot for props, costumes and story ideas. Find your own patter, and learn how best to take your own falls.

Tragedy’s the easy part. Comedy is one hell of a lifetime commitment.


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