Call this post a Kilroy Was Here

In notes on November 24, 2013 at 9:01 am

I give myself full points for getting some writing done yesterday. What the mess looks like, I can imagine. The mess will have to stay messy for now. Food is no great obsession at the moment. Will become so if I don’t make my way down to the market. Exotic diseases make good reading for hypochondriacs but the good old common cold is the great leveller in real time. The body feels like a lump.

However. The boy who promised a paper and didn’t deliver promised all over again over the phone yesterday. In my mailbox today, sure thing. The teachers don’t seem to be aware there was a kafuffle over one of the questions in the survey to be done in their classrooms. I’ll survive the fact the final result will be picked apart by the funding people. The Nouvel Observateur did a lead paper on the Culture of Resentment yesterday. That’s one way to put it. I see it more as a culture of nit-picking. Complaining as a protective covering. Moments of clarity through it all when the nonsense shines  bright.

Humans are silly – I’m falling asleep on my chair so I guess that will be my contribution for the nonce.



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