All I can say is :

In Drafts, Hautvoir on November 23, 2013 at 9:55 am

For the full flavor, you have to go beyond the conventional school-book illustration of the sower spreading the grain far and wide on his well-tilled land. Plus the school-book moral in old-fashioned script informing the child that as he will  have sown, so shall he reap.

You must also go beyond  the little stickers indicating the school child has done a satisfactory job, and beyond the report cards, and on to the Psychological Evaluation of said school-boy’s abilities. From which I gather French school psychologists in the fifties didn’t report kids as I.Q. numbers. Instead, they indicated if the child was exceptional, brilliant, average, mediocre or worse. I didn’t read beyond mediocre which was the notation given to this particular child. Take that, and run with it, little boy. Of course, you’ll stumble and fail, even if your mother buys into all kinds of programs and educational gizmos. You shall stumble and fail because you are mediocre. Says so right here in the psychologist’s report.

All I can say is good luck, little one. All I can say is: next time out in storyland, I’ll tell you all about grading systems and diagnostic tools. I’ll tell you about the psychiatrist who labelled a sixteen-year old in depression as a schizophrenic. I’ll tell you about the ones who thought a lobotomy might be the best way to deal with that child’s negativity.

First, I have to make it through to the end of this draft.  Meanwhile, remember :I promise you they’ll laugh at you. I promise you they’ll take their frustrations out  on you. I promise you they’ll pick at you and consider it’s all for your own good.

All I can say is: stuff your ears full of wax, and row. Every chance you get, look up and keep an eye to the sky. Do your best to enjoy the view, every chance you get. Remember most of them mean well. Remember all of them are just as clueless as you are. Remember laughing feels better than crying, but don’t let that stop you from crying your fill when you must.

There’ll be better days, again? Of course, there will. For all I know, this may turn out to be one of them, fever, sniffles, flu and all.


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