The Phases of the Moon

In Drafts, Games, Local projects, Music, Poetry on November 22, 2013 at 7:43 am

The mindset gives me a lot of trouble. Although my sympathies lean toward the left, I don’t see much difference in basic attitudes, no matter what the politicians’ Big Plan may be. In all instances, reality is put on notice to match up with the Power Point presentation, or else.

Which brings me back to the question we explored the other night over food, wine, books and laughter: how do you get adults to play again?

The image trotting through my mind since last night (following meetings filled with expectations, checklists and deadlines): the harried mother experience. The harried mother, her mind a snarl of Things To Do, decides she must take her small child to the park for the prescribed quality time on today’s agenda. Says so right in her agenda: four-thirty to five – quality time with Timmy. Half-way down the way to the sidewalk, Timmy falls in love with a fallen leaf. Crouches. Lifts the thing off the ground, and discovers a teeming world under it. The harried mother presses Timmy to get a move-on; the swings in the park await! come on! haven’t got all day! Phone calls, next. Supper. Report to write. Laundry. Quality time with husband. Come on, Tim!

In real terms, over here? Whatever will get done today, will. Meanwhile,  a twelve-year old girl  discovered something wonderful yesterday: the small crescent, the bigger one and the round thing that glows in the sky at night? One and the same thing. If that moment wasn’t worth witnessing, I don’t know what is. It even led to her talking about her trek to this country with her mother and small brother, and her father’s trek through different channels.

Don’t ask me how that led to her mastering the French sound ou (similar to the o in who); I couldn’t have predicted it or planned it in any way.

Checklists. Game plans. Political agendas. Keeping track of my own priorities through other peoples’. Getting my own takes on reality down in writing.

Allez. Friday, November 22nd 2013.


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