Impatience – A long-term companion

In Circus, Current reading, Drafts, Hautvoir, humeurs, Local projects, Music on November 18, 2013 at 7:52 am

Time to re-acquaint myself with Gulliver’s times in Lilliput – sounds a bit like miniputt, come to think of it.

Lilliput or the power of the tiny, minute impediments. I need to pay close attention because of the superior skills of a local person in using silence and minor, minor objections as a means to enrage hastier types, and have them do or say things the person will consider wounding. The person will be right, too. How can anyone blow up over such a tiny request?

Gulliver – something about that name suggests the word gullible. As in: willing to give credence (or to extend credit).

Of course, what grates in the person’s behavior is the reminder of an annoying trait in my own makeup. A tendency to move on or to jump in before the full story’s out. A burning desire to get on with things and let others deal with the fine print.

The sad-funny part – in other words, the irony: while the internal popcorn machine goes crazy, the external me spends weeks, months and years weighing every word like some well-seasoned diplomat. With occasional spill-overs when the top of the popcorn machine blows.

While rushing from one side of the town to the other yesterday morning, I crossed path with someone else attempting to handle too many things at once.

Getting the words right. The only saving grace, as far as I’m concerned. That, and music. Plus, the knowledge extra-slow juggling is much harder to maintain than a faster paced one.

Allez. Things to do. People to see. The pace won’t lighten much from ten a.m onward.


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