Spacing, Dots and dashes

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For the time being, the boy reads on (but he’s just caught on why some physicists developed the theory of strings. Pythagorean, my dear Watson. Plus photons – ah-ha, light as discrete bursts, light as waves; light as ). Begone, young man, back to your book, the grown-ups have things to discuss over here. You know, alimony, child support, what the boss said to the janitor, what the secretary told the

Where was I? Yes, dots and dashes. Accents, in fact. Crucial little blips placed above, below or between letters. In French, for example. You take the same five letters in the same order. Out of them you can get a sin, a fish fry or a peach. How’s that for magic? Of the third (the peach) you get the dated expression “peachy” in English, meaning something fine. In French, you get il(elle) a la pêche. Meaning he or she’s feeling pretty peachy.

A person I know has three small dots tattooed next to her eye. In her understanding, they’re a stand-in for her general attitude. I don’t know if she’s aware of the fact that, in some circles, three tattooed dots mean you’ve done time in jail. In my childhood, small blue dots indicated the spots where you were supposed to punch holes in a dress pattern. In other places, blue facial dots mark tribal groups and various customs in them.

During the break at yesterday’s workshop, we laughed at a French translation of a message  published in a book called Church Signs Across America. We all laughed except the youngest member of the group who didn’t get it. She understood the translation to mean every saint has a past and every fisherman (pêcheur) has a future. No, we said, every sinner (pécheur) has a future. What’s a sinner, she wanted to know. How’s that for wonderful?

As for spacing, caps and lower cases. The message in front of the Franklin Ohio church has so much ambiguity and built-in ambivalence, you almost hate to spoil other people’s fun. Almost doesn’t count so, people, on this Sunday, November 17 2013, take note: THE BEST VITAMIN FOR A CHRISTIAN IS BI.

To which the Savior’s Church in Louisiana replies : “You may party in hell but you will be the barbecue.” So there.

Christian or other, this religion business, it ain’t for sissies.

    • Thank you. Life and writing both providing more than enough versatile opportunities, as usual. Wishing you all the best and a bonne continuation as we say over here.

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