Note to self: Keep your eye on the leek

In Current reading, Drafts, Film, Food, RLB trivia on November 15, 2013 at 6:56 am

Where can I find a single thing to say about the subject that hasn’t been said already, and better than I’ll ever manage?

Start  with an image of silliness, maybe. Friends standing outside a cinema, smiling at the camera. One of them is holding a leek. A few seconds before the shutter clicks, she held the leek aloft as if it were the Olympic torch. A moment with no huge historical significance. Just as the fact of a picnic at the beach with bongo-playing friends is no big deal. Unless, of course, you belong to a fictitious society in which the leek is the supreme symbol of solemn obedience; in said fictitious society, a leek is cradled not hoisted.Fooling around while holding a leek? Cringe, jolly revellers, your crime was recorded for posterity.

As for the real-time bongo players eating with their fingers on the beachfront, they were filmed in Tunisia, and got away unscathed. They were eating finger foods in solidarity with five or six Moroccans greeted by some four hundred policemen and put under arrest for suggesting a picnic in a public place during the lunar month where public eating is prohibited from sunrise to sunset. Prohibited by whom? By those who so decide.

As much as possible, I concentrate on the silliness. Not that I don’t absorb and record the brutalities. The scene in the Tunisian documentary, for example, when a crowd of men and women demonstrate for more freedom, not less; for imperfect democracies rather than perfect tyrannies. Who should show up, if not angry, fear-driven ones demanding they shut up with their blasphemies.

I had to wonder how many of the angry ones the film maker caught on film, demanding she and her cameraman leave the restaurant immediately. You see, the restaurant’s windows were covered in large sheets of paper to indicate no eating was possible at that time. The number of men walking into the place anyway intrigued the film maker so she followed suit. As Fats Waller once sang, that joint, it was jumpin’.

Interesting sidebar: the onion, l’os à moëlle… I wonder how many other satirical publications use or used the name of a food as their title when taking on The Truth As Ordained.


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