From this, to something worth sharing ?

In Uncategorized on November 3, 2013 at 9:19 am

Difficult. Like juggling too many plates at once. Never mind the back-and-forth from French to English. The different levels, the different expectations, the different readings on anything you do or say.

Standing in a drizzle outside the cinema  last night. Trying to figure out with a friend how we’ll organize the presentation on Tuesday. The son of one of the film makers is showing up with two shorts, the quality of which we can’t check beforehand.

Finishing editorial assistance on a friend’s work. Planning for school activities resuming tomorrow. Wondering, wondering where the center holds, if at all, on my last writing project. Where, if anywhere, the more solid elements lie in the mass of obfuscation I’m calling the work wanting to emerge but playing games with me.

Sometimes, often, I feel as if  one part of me makes  a point of climbing out on a limb while another part of me hands up the saw. Meanwhile other parts of me express concern, disbelief, anger. Or cower in a corner and wait for the nonsense to die down.

Allez, for the rest of Sunday, November 3rd 2013.


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