In Animals, Drafts, Games, Hautvoir, Local projects, Music, Sanford Meisner on October 29, 2013 at 9:08 am

Even after I set her laptop on a pile of paper yesterday, the typing experience was electrifying. My friend lives in an old house she may or may not afford to renovate, some day. Her work and dining table : metal. Grounding on the electric circuitry : nil. Paper breaks up some of the charge. My home computer and her laptop don’t get along well. For instance, an email message I sent her last Saturday never reached her; had to be retrieved from my email Sent files. Glitches, as pesky and hardy as the mosquitos swarming her place while we worked against her deadline. I keep telling her she’ll make it.

An unusual request yesterday morning. One I was glad to accept, in part for the opportunity of another slant on Halloween – a celebration I do not hold dear for a number of reasons, including the loss of the family car to a bunch of pranksters, back in the fifties. The car itself was a tank-like vehicle from the thirties. My strongest recollection of it: a hairy climb up one of Québec City’s steep hills – Côte d’Abraham ? The road was icy. At one point, the car seemed to lose all upward momentum. I recall the moment because it’s locked into my body. Suspension. Over sixty years later, I’m here to tell the tale, so it takes on a humorous quality, as does the recollection of a taxi driver backing up to a highway exit as I watched a car speeding toward us, and tried to figure out how strong the impact would be (less than anticipated; I’m here to tell that story too).*

The request? To help a young boy keep his promise to an American cousin who lives in Milwaukee. A letter writing exercise in English. The Halloween theme being an important feature for reasons I’ll discover on Thursday.

Music. Writing. Painting. Playing with those elements – things, memories – that serve you best when the electric arc gets hard to bear. Insulation, if you like. A Faraday cage, if you prefer.

* The interesting part of that recollection: once it became obvious to me a crash was unavoidable, fear disappeared. Replaced by what? Good old curiosity. Hasn’t killed this cat yet.


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