Letting it happen

In Current reading, Drafts, Film, Music, notes, Tea on October 26, 2013 at 7:22 am

Time will have its way with you, if you’ll let it.

I don’t know what prompted me to grab a sheet of paper, lay it on a horizontal in front of the woman and suggest she write out what she’d just said, first, using her habitual writing hand, then, the other. Whether illegible or not, no problem. Attempt it anyway.

A good person, willing to take chances at silliness. With her right hand, she wrote down a full side of one half of the page, and half of the other side. With her left: half of the first side. Then, she read both accounts out loud. In both instances, she was reporting the scene of a felled tree. The right-hand account was a third-person narrative and reported the effect of the fallen tree on the narrator.

The left-hand account was something else. The distance? Gone. There was close to a melding between the writer and the fallen giant. A melding and a wrenching gap. I suggested her character make use of the left-hand account. I’ll have to test this out myself on some of the materials gathering for the next story.

Walking back from the cinema with the projectionist the other night. The street does a slight rise up to a branching. The left side rises a bit more, then levels out. The right side moves down into the hill hugging the cliff above the river. We were discussing the movie we’d just seen, and stopped on the same spot. He crouched. “See? I’d hold the camera at sidewalk level for the full effect.” Atmospheric, no doubt about it.

Time will have its way with you, if you’ll let it.

The woman is writing a short story inspired by a sense of abrupt disconnect between two levels of reality. A bit like the sensation that occurs sometimes, when “falling” asleep and getting pulled back awake by the startle reflex. Where am I? What happened? Who’s there?


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