The Quiet Hub

In Current reading, Film, Local projects, Music, notes, Revision, Story material on October 24, 2013 at 6:12 am

This week’s local project: a tad hairy in terms of delays. Plus, doing revision while a person is still pondering and writing adds an extra edge. Plus technical glitches just so you don’t forget who rules: technology or you.

However. When it’s all too much, the brain disconnects or goes into whirligigs. From which you re-emerge and say: hm? what did you say? Bits of music stream by – in this instance, old Arlo Guthrie tunes. The internal wiring in brains is way more complicated than that in electronic equipment. Which may explain why electronic equipment is so frustrating with its  literal interpretations of every single step from A to B to C to – no, you jumped over B, I won’t give you a D.

However, redux. The one not written  yet. The next story, hovering by my side. Half-formed fictional characters taking in the bios of real people someone interviewed for a work on the squatters’ movements in Europe, from the seventies onward. The mix of derelicts, homeless working poor, artists with no studios, musicians with no rehearsal halls, lost souls and others.  A mix of Joyce Carey’s The Horse’s Mouth, Lindsay Anderson’s film O Lucky Man, plus the current underground scenes in Barcelona, Paris, Lisbon, Korea… What will emerge?

Through it all, keeping some connection with the quieter place inside. As much as possible. When I forget to do so, the brain takes care of business. Disconnects. Time out. Breathe. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West from this spot here on Planet Earth.


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