Miss Muffet – A Sequel

In Animals, Film, Local projects, Now playing in a theater near you, Revision on October 21, 2013 at 6:53 am

Someone coming over for a work session on a writing project. Given the messy state of the apartment, priority should go to tidying up instead of looking up nursery rhymes. But the size of the spider on the kitchen tiles, plus its uncanny resemblance to its compatriot over at the cinema on Saturday? Plus the revision still awaiting, plus the movie I saw last night?

Not to mention Richard Ford’s Canada in French translation, as part as the latest haul from the médiathèque.

Border crossings. Air turbulence. Plane riding down through currents as choppy as an unsettled sea. Some inner states are like that – after ingesting a mind-altering substance, for example.

Little Miss Muffet

sat on a tuffet

eating her curds and whey

along came a spider

that sat down beside her

and frightened Miss Muffet away.

The movie last night. First part of something called Shokuzaï – meaning Penance in Japanese. Disproportionate amounts of guilt borne by four girls after the killing of one of their schoolmates. The dead girl’s mother holding them responsible. Why? Because they can’t remember the killer’s face. Kurosawa’s movie (in fact, a Japanese TV miniseries) received tons of positives from the critics, and dubious expressions from the audience over here last night. You can translate words, up to a point. You can relate to images, up to a point also. Then, the mystery of something foreign kicks in. You’re at a distance, watching.

The large arachnid in my kitchen. The difficulty, in this case: getting a point across a communication gap much larger than a geographical boundary. If I try to move the spider from the kitchen to the garden, I must cross the apartment and go down a flight of stairs. I doubt the spider will relate to the pacific nature of my intentions.

What to do.

along came a spider

that sat down beside her…

Hm. Uh. Hi.


post-scriptum – I regret to announce the real-life mini drama in the kitchen resulted in the death of a spider. I will do penance, as best I can.


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