Tuesday morning, August 28th 2012

In Dance, Drafts, Film, Music, Poetry, Revision, Theater, Visual artists on August 28, 2012 at 5:00 am

With minor adjustments, the post I wrote on February 9, 2011 could serve as a description of the draft as it now stands. If I considered the story ready to go, the first title that would come to mind this morning would be: No Answers Available at This Time. Except I’d have to work in the notion of some singing and dancing going on as stand-ins for all the missing answers.

This Time being all those times when you may long for straight answers to your questions but you won’t get them. Or they won’t come when  you feel you most need the information. In other words, all those times when life does not play the game you thought it was playing. How humans cope with that. How you, personally, cope with that at various ages, or  in different circumstances.

I may work in a few more changes to the story. At this point, I doubt it will change much, except for specific shadings in the exchanges; perhaps some modifications in the final chapter.

But answers of the solid kind? Of the kind you can hold in your hand as proof positive of your own words and intentions, or of someone else’s? Once you get beyond the photo ops, the sound bites, the ads and the press releases, you find precious little of those.  Instead, you find poetry, music, songs, dance, painting, acting,  writing and every other way devised to pay  uncertainties – their shapes and some of their possible meanings – all the attention they deserve.

Sound of rain, starting up. Smell of earth, rising. Rumbles of thunder in the distance. Tuesday morning, August 28th 2012.

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