Dark, Light

In Drafts, Music, Revision, Theater on August 25, 2012 at 5:13 am


In an opera such as The Magic Flute, for example, you always find a combination of high-minded ones (usually, the main tenor and soprano) whose job it is to carry the Master Theme – something of great import. Next to the high-minded, fools or servants get to provide comic relief – either by debunking their masters or by carrying on their own business with little regard for the profound significance of the deeper meanings of What’s It All About.

Tragedy. Comedy.

What happens if you try to mix the two? Can you get the two ingredients to co-exist  – not only in the same opera, play, film or novel but within the same scenes, the same characters and their ways of relating to their own experiences, and those of others?

Ah. I don’t know but  this is what I’m attempting to do. Will I manage it? Maybe not; one less thing to worry about. If I don’t get the mix right this time, I’ll try it again the next time out.

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