Somewhere, beyond the curses

In Animals, Dante Alighieri, Drafts, Film, Now playing in a theater near you, Revision, Sanford Meisner, Story material on August 24, 2012 at 6:07 am

Words or images that come back to haunt you. Self-definitions inherited from taunts or angry outbursts. In fairy tales, they show up as the wicked one who messes up the party with that dire prediction of doom. “So you want to escape your fate? No way, ha-ha-ha.” And so on.

Somewhere. Inside your own mind – because, ultimately, there’s nowhere else to go. Somewhere, there’s something even better than the blessings from the good fairies.

Finding that somewhere when life isn’t being cooperative. When your every move seems to bring you back to the heavy, tethered place; where you feel like the large, ponderous, pre-historic hulk and the one stuck with the damn thing. Or the guest who won’t take the hint: the party’s over now; you may leave, please. Your host and hostess wish to retire now. Goodbye.

But the guest lingers on.

Moving the story along. Knowing the story must go through places that try the writer’s patience somewhere beyond its outer limits. Deciding to stick it out anyway. Therefore, reading from the top. Stepping away. Coming back. Finding every single place in the story that grates or leads back to more stuck-ness. Knowing the story is your only vehicle. If it feels like you’ve landed it on a sandbar, your job to get it moving again, whether or not there’s a two-ton rhino on board.

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