Something Else

In Drafts, Revision on August 23, 2012 at 6:32 am

Slow? Slow.

The moments. Which ones? Memories may seem to appear in a random and haphazard way. The brain isn’t   like that. Even if a memory seems unrelated to an ongoing event, the brain is making a connection somewhere. Something about this pulls up that association. Another part of the brain’s job to figure out the connection.

Obvious, sometimes. You overheard a few words; the tone of the voice or the words in themselves triggered an association to someone speaking that way to you at another time. You take off on the memory of that time – good or bad. File the present moment as belonging to the same category. Available as such, for future reference.

The better ones – the brain teasers: xyz is happening. Out of nowhere, a bit of music pops up; or a line from a long-forgotten poem; or a tiny trace of a stroll somewhere, lost in the mist of times. Something no bigger than a small trinket or a party favor; yet still so loaded with powerful associations, the brain retrieves it the way a pearl fisher comes up from the dive. Here you are, your brain says. Gift. For you. From  you to you.

How to apply the same principle to characters in a story being the reason for the slowness this morning.

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